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  • Materialbrown rice and soybean
  • Size85 * 115 * 200 mm
  • Weight530 g
[Payment Information]
  • Unit Price 20250 KRW
    (16.9 USD)
  • Minimum Order Quantity 20 Carton/Cartons
  • Shipping CompanyOthers
  • Payment Card


  • South Korea South Korea

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Product Detail Information

Without enzymes,  our bodies do not function properly, and vitamins and minerals we ingest can not play their respective  roles.          In other words , without enzymes our immune system and metabolic enzymes work overtime to clean the

  bloodstream of undigested food particles  rather than protecting , rebuilding , and energizing our bodies.

      Due to the natural progression that comes with age , we produce less enzymes as we get  older and need to supplement  


   Aging and chronic stress , these are the most common reasons for digestive enzyme problems.

   And so , Hyosomi is designed for men and women approaching middle age , and made with natural ingredients containing

  vitamins, minerals , essential amino and fatty acids, isoflavone , protease, amylase, lipase, celluase, and more.

Hyosomi product helps to maintaining beautiful and healthy skin.

Hyosomi also could promote anti-aging and keep balanced body line.



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